Day One® Minnesota Domestic Violence Crisis Line 1.866.223.1111 Day One® is a Statewide Program of Cornerstone

Day One® connects victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human
trafficking to safety and services in one phone call.

You'll be connected with the nearest safe place.
You'll get a warm bed, comfort, and someone to talk to.
You'll receive the help you deserve - Immediately.
One call, one result: your safety

Making the Call: You can directly dial the MN Day One® Crisis line (1.866.223.1111) from anywhere in Minnesota, or call any program in the Day One® network (click on the map see a list of programs in your area).

The Response: An advocate at a program nearby will answer your call and check that you are in a safe place to talk about your situation.

Reaching Safety: If you decide to go to a shelter or safe home, an advocate will help you find one using the Day One® Process.

The Day One® Process: If the first program you talk to cannot accept you, or is not safe for you to go to, the advocate will check the Day One® database and find a program that may have open beds and services to accommodate you.

Telling Your Story: While on the phone, you will only have to explain your story one time, to one advocate. The advocate will listen to you and help you make a plan to keep you and your family safe.

"Through Day One we work to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered, and that all women and children in need can find a safe place no matter where they live."
- Sheila Wellstone, supporter and friend of Day One®

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Day One® Participating Programs