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Minnesota Alliance for Animal Safety (MNAFAS)

The Minnesota Alliance for Family & Animal Safety is a collaborative effort of domestic and sexual violence programs and animal welfare program professionals. We are working to raise awareness regarding the link between domestic violence, child abuse and animal abuse, and to eliminate barriers for survivors of violence seeking safety for themselves and their pets.

There is a direct link between domestic violence and the abuse of animals. In domestic violence situations, abusing pets is a way of exerting power and control over the survivor. Survivors of domestic violence are often afraid to leave their situation for fear of leaving their pet with the abuser.

MNAFAS provides safe and temporary foster care for the pets of survivors while they address their safety needs. If you would like more information regarding MNAFAS or Pet Safe Housing call the MNAFAS line at 952-646-6563.

Social Justice Initiative

History and Goals:
As champions for equality and human rights, the network of Day One works to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered. To uphold and strengthen this commitment, in 2015 we launched our Social Justice Initiative. This initiative is founded in the work of the Opening the Door Collective launched in 2010. The Collective started as a response to stories told by advocates and survivors who were wanting to reduce the barriers experienced by marginalized communities when attempting to access safety and services.

Our goals then and now are to:

  • Initiate change both within and outside the victim services sector to create more inclusive and just access to safety and services.
  • Engage and embrace the strengths of survivors and communities as agents of social change in creating solutions to making our world a safer place.

Our Framework:
Social Justice is a process (not an outcome) that seeks to fairly re-distribute resources, opportunities, and responsibilities and aids in the deconstruction of oppressive social and economic systems. It is work that intervenes by challenging injustice and oppressive systems AT THE ROOTS. It empowers all people to realize their full potential through self-determination and free will by building social solidarity and the capacity for collaborative action.

Here at Day One of Cornerstone, we are committed to building a human services philosophy of care that supports our internal work and relationships as well as the direct services that we provide for individuals and communities. We strive to create informed and just policies and procedures based in the spirit of social and intersectional justice, which directly aids in the dismantling of systems that contribute to domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking. When we address oppression at the roots of Interpersonal Violence, we begin to unravel racism, misogyny, poverty, homophobia, ableism, and transphobia. “Cornerstone’s continuum of service helps to create communities where individuals and families are safe and children thrive. We advocate, educate and lead the way to social change.”

Abuse in Later Life

Day One is dedicated to ensuring access to safety and services for all ages. One of our initiatives is to break down the barriers for adults in later life that may be experiencing or are affected by interpersonal violence. In the spring of 2013, Minnesota Network on Abuse in Later Life closed its doors after nearly 13 years of educating the community, advocates and systems about the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault on older adults. MNALL representatives approached the Day One program of Cornerstone to take over their work in the metropolitan and southern areas of the state. Since then, Day One has carried their work forward under our Abuse in Later Life initiative. Day One’s role, as with the previous role of MNALL, is not one of direct services but instead one of educating, raising awareness and creating systems change in the response to those 50 and older affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Abuse in Later Life is that nexus between domestic violence and elder abuse. Abuse in Later Life encompasses any one over the age of 50 who is being physically, sexually or emotionally abused by someone they know or trust.

Indicators of Abuse in Later Life can include:

  • Isolation or withdrawal from friends and family
  • Visible but unexplained injuries: bruises, abrasions, burns
  • Repeated accidental injuries and/or vague complaints
  • Depression or suicidal ideas
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain
  • Pain: abdominal, pelvic, headaches
  • Disturbance in sleep patterns
  • Sudden financial problems/changes

Support and Resources Are Available

If you are an older adult that may be experiencing abuse or are affected by domestic violence or sexual assault, support and resources are available through the MN Day One Crisis Hotline 1-866-223-1111.

To learn more about Abuse in Later Life or to request a speaker on this topic, please contact

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Project

Day One and Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) have had a strong partnership since 2001, when they teamed up to respond to gaps and barriers in services delivery for Deaf women seeking shelter. In 2005, they collaborated on a landmark training and technical assistance project which was sponsored by the Office on Violence Against Women.

More recently, Day One and Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) have come together to work on a project which has a long term goal of producing sustainable change by creating a network of service providers that are prepared and accessible to communities that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

This project has been titled:

A.D.DV.O.C.A+E: An initiative to ensure Access for Deaf persons experiencing Domestic Violence through Outreach, Collaboration, Allies, and Education.

To ask questions or for more information about this initiative, please contact Olivia W. at