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What is Harassment?

Harassment is aggressive pressure or intimidation that is often repetitive and it is meant to offend or cause discomfort.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual advances, often happening at work, at school, or on the street where refusing can be a great disadvantage to the victim.

Unwelcome words, actions, gestures or behaviors can cause you to feel victimized, humiliated, harassed, embarrassed or even tormented. As with other forms of sexual assault, your stress and anxiety from being harassed can worsen over time.

Where does harassment happen?

  • In person–unwanted gestures and words
  • On your phone or online–unwanted texts, sexting, photos, videos or voicemail

How do I stop harassment from happening to me?

  • Don’t answer or respond to their advances, calls, or texts.
  • Keep records of when the harassment happens so that you have information in the future if you decide to go the police.
  • Don’t use social media to let others know where you are, so you can’t be tracked. Don’t check in on FourSquare, Tweet, or share on Facebook your whereabouts.
  • Learn more about Orders for Protection here.

Talk to Someone Who is There to Listen and Support You

Advocates from the Day One network can help you develop a safety plan, provide support, and explore options. Call the Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline number 1.866.223.1111.